One love

Lately the news has been blasting the many tragedies around the world, every other day there is a terrorist attack, or some sort or a hate crime.(No need to repeat them all, among them Orlando, Bagdad, Paris, Mexico etc) It could be easy to be pessimistic and think that we aren’t evolving as a species. But honestly, and this […]

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This photo shows a hint of what it’s really made of, what I call my paradise. That is the beach where my father taught me how to swim, where I learned for the first time to have a relationship with the ocean (one of complete respect), it’s also where I enjoyed my first night with a sky full of stars.

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Best meal in a long time, with all slathered in maple syrup!!! The feature image at the top of the article shows the taffy over snow (Tirade sur neige de sirop d’erable). One of the things that I love the most about Quebec is the annual tradition: a trip to the Sugar shack (Caban à […]


Traveling in low season

Cold, snow, really good food and not lines in any of the important points of the trip. To travel in low season saves time and bring you to interesting places like Budapest. A city with more than 1000 years of history, 3 bridges, many museums and an incredible food. I will try it again!!! At […]

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Word on the Street

In Mexico City a project call PALABREO AMBULANTE shows us that the walls on the street are the perfect place for the challenge of a productive repetition: Poetry.
The purpose of this multidisciplinary project that includes designers, photographers, and different contributors is to lead people to some reflection, to change their state of mind. Creating murals on the wall, curating the phrases of poets and printing them in post cards given away for free.

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