Word on the Street


Most of the time, repetition is something the brain craves , advertisers and the media rely on this fact.

But the people that make art also know this recipe.

In Mexico City a project call PALABREO AMBULANTE shows us that the walls on the street are the perfect place for the challenge of a productive repetition: Poetry.

The purpose of this multidisciplinary project that includes designers, photographers, and different contributors is to lead people to some reflection, to change their state of mind. Creating murals on the wall, curating the phrases of poets and printing them in post cards given away for free.

If you want to donate some of your time, money or even just a “like” to this awesome project here is their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Palabreo-Ambulante-1149422431754128/?fref=photo

All of the photos used in this post are copyright Palabreo Ambulante, with the exception of the featured image at the top of the article taken by Anubhav Saxena.



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