Long distance friendships



Sometimes, when I look back even just a few years ago, it’s hard to imagine that we used to have to work so hard to stay in touch. You could call, write letters, and if you were really tech-y you could write e-mails. I’m talking ten years ago here, not in our grand-parents or even our parents time, communication and relating to one another was so different. , if we just see the bunch of apps that enhance our communications nowadays, it’s incredible: WhatsApp, FaceTime, iMessages, YouNow, SnapChat and  so on…I love it.

In my case, it’s been ten years already since I immigrated to another country and  like in all the other stories your friends and your memories are away from you physically, but honestly now it’s amazing that on an almost daily basis I can hang out with my life-long friends. I feel (personally speaking) that yes of course sometimes I want a hug from them, but most of the time, reading the words that they type is equal to hearing them and to having them there with me. And with FaceTime it’s really almost like being next to them, to see them to see their reactions. I’m a person that is really committed when I love someone, so I plan specific dates and times to  prioritize our cyber-hangouts because it’s the only way to preserve the friendship and to have the chance to grow old with the people that love you.

I love this new way to think, that we can change where we live without the the cost of leaving the people that you love behind.

My only advice is don’t be flakey. The minutes that you give are precious and they make your relationships stronger.

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