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Best meal in a long time, with all slathered in maple syrup!!!

The feature image at the top of the article shows the taffy over snow (Tirade sur neige de sirop d’erable).

One of the things that I love the most about Quebec is the annual tradition: a trip to the Sugar shack (Caban à Sucre), after harvesting sap from the trees, the sap is brought to the sugar shack where they boil it down to become real maple syrup.

The dishes are the best! From ham with (maple syrup) sirop d’erable, to the omelettes, pork rinds, real bacon and beans (fèves au lard) with maple syrup and the pea soup!!!

For dessert: Pancakes!! Sugar pie, maple candies!!!!

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The experience, the atmosphere of the place, was spotless. Definitely the Sugar shack (Cabane à sucre) L’érablière Charbonneau knows what they’re doing… They’ve mastered the experience, the character Quebecois. I just love this place so much.

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