My personal paradise is not perfect, but it is amazing…It’s this piece of sky and ocean in the photo above. This photo shows a hint of what it’s really made of, what I call my paradise. That is the beach where my father taught me how to swim, where I learned for the first time to have a relationship with the ocean (one of complete respect), it’s also where I enjoyed my first night with a sky full of stars.
My father was born there, so a part of me will always come back to this place when I start to get that feeling that the Portuguese call :

“Saudade,” that is the feeling of incompleteness…due to the absence of someone or something…or the absence of a set of particular and desirable experiences and pleasures once lived.

This time, the stars aligned and the trip brought us here again: back to Mexico


This beach is called “El  rinconcito” “The little corner” and is in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico.


This trip was just incredible, I enjoyed my family, my friends, we attended the wedding of one of my favourite people in the world! The experience was just unbelievable.

If you can make it down that way, I highly recommend it…Mexico is the best!


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