One love

Lately the news has been blasting the many tragedies around the world, every other day there is a terrorist attack, or some sort or a hate crime.(No need to repeat them all, among them Orlando, Bagdad, Paris, Mexico etc)

It could be easy to be pessimistic and think that we aren’t evolving as a species. But honestly, and this is just my opinion of course, we are experiencing the reality of the global community that goes with the new technologies and the internet.

In this new global community, we are figuring out that sometimes – and more often than we think – we decide that not everybody is relevant and the people that are relevant are not always for good reasons.

Somehow I have the feeling that because I belong to the generation of transition (we balance both having an iPhone in our pockets and remembering using a typewriter in high school), that we are going through one phase of this movement of auto-recognition, that the human race finally has a mirror reflecting itself back as us and we’re still passing from the infatuation stage to the extreme horror of our childish and clumsy appearance.

I think that we as humans will soon need to somehow breath and think as one. One that take care of itself and respect its own will and uniqueness.

What I writing this? Maybe because I think we are in the middle ages of technology and we are going to come out of all this wiser and more connected with other human beings. Lets try every day to think forward ourselves…



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