Freedom Vs Bliss Point

I think more than ever we need to be rebels and cook, from scratch and develop our senses and grow our palate, let’s be free of these “choices” that ignore our wellbeing. Let’s do a loving thing and re-learn what real food is!!!!!!

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Real tacos!!!

Real tacos!!!! I had to do this blog, because after many years living outside of Mexico, I almost can’t believe how often people misunderstand our food. A typical example is tacos!!! At least half of the people that know a little something about Mexico think we eat Old El Paso hard-shell tacos at home!! Or […]

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Basic Cooking tools

In my experience…I can tell you, you don’t need anything fancy or ultra expensive to start to cook. Let’s make it as simple as possible. You are going to need:   A knife, a big one. A Chef’s knife because you can use it to cut anything you want effortlessly (and a sharpener, you will […]

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